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DwarfFortress on Ubuntu

Turns out that Wine is pretty awesome if you run it correctly (i.e. not from Nautilus, but with cd $DIR && wine $APP). I’m not getting the horrible slowdown with DF that VirtualBox was yielding. Now to see if Wine supports the same IPC that my DwarfRepoire memory hacking project was using under XP. I’d like that excuse to get back into Python.


GParted: 2 wins, 1 loss

Another ntfs partition resized successfully with gparted — now I can fit mythbuntu on my gateway/jukebox pc when the iso finishes downloading.

I’ve been learning gnu screen at work and have been mostly impressed. It doesn’t really intuit the way I want to work with terminal windows, but it does have some powerful-yet-simple features, such as -x.

Ubuntu vs ATI

Finally, I get to use Desktop Effects – thanks to lots of head bashing and this guide. Next up is my wireless card, then I can ditch winxp on my jukebox computer (which acts as our gateway) and get mythbuntu on it.